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Our focus, flexibility, and experience make us an ideal partner

Focus and Flexibility allow us to create value for our partner companies; Experience ensures that we close transactions in a fair, transparent and expeditious manner

Industry Focus

McKinney focuses exclusively on investments in Field Services businesses. We define ‘Field Services’ as any business model that consists of mobile technicians performing service for commercial customers or residential consumers “in the field.”

Our Criteria


Company EBITDA
Transaction Value


Core focus on Southeastern-based companies but will pursue attractive opportunities elsewhere


Prefer Control Transactions
Buyouts or Recapitalizations
Growth Capital

Other Preferences

  • Strong Management
  • Low Customer Concentration
  • Track Record of Growth
  • Market Leadership
  • Opportunity for Growth Through Add-On Acquisitions

For Owners & Management

  • Servant Ownership

    We put the needs of our companies above our own. We’re here to serve our partner companies in their pursuit of growth and operational excellence

  • Family

    Given our legacy, we have a deep understanding of the issues specific to entrepreneur- and family-owned businesses

  • Field Services Focus

    We’ve walked in your shoes and our value creation philosophy is curated from our own operating experiences in field services businesses

  • Low Leverage

    Modest use of leverage reduces risk and frees cash flow for growth

  • Patient Capital

    Our flexible hold period allows us to partner with companies to focus on the long-term versus renting companies for the short-term

  • Robust Incentives

    We offer attractive equity-based management incentive packages and the ability to rollover proceeds to ensure success is shared

For Intermediaries

  • Experience

    McKinney and its leadership team have successfully completed over 60 deals in the last 10 years. We understand the deal process and what it takes to close transactions.

  • Committed Capital

    Generally, we have the ability and option to fund the entire purchase price without the need of outside financing

  • Efficient Decision Making

    Clear and flat decision-making process means we make decisions quickly and offer a high certainty to close

  • Clarity and Transparency

    We don’t play games. In all of our dealings we are down-to-earth, fair, transparent and responsive.

How We Create Value

  • People

    We realize that the most important asset in any field service business is the people. We have experience building high-functioning “talent engines” in multiple field service business types.

  • Strategic Acquisition Programs

    We leverage decades of M&A and origination expertise to drive buy-and-build strategies. We help develop an inorganic growth strategy, identify and prioritize targets, and then partner with management to implement a repeatable, process-driven approach to pursuing, acquiring and integrating add-on acquisitions.

  • Operational Excellence

    We work closely with our management teams to help deliver best-in-class processes and systems through the combination of internal resources and expertise as well as access to our network of relationships.

Industries of Particular Interest

We are opportunistic within the broad field services industry. However, we currently have more proactive mandates targeting the following verticals:

Residential & Commercial HVAC/R
Pest Control
Other Home Services
Environmental Services
Industrial Services

Experts in the business-growing business.