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Focused, Flexible, and Collaborative Capital for Field Services Businesses

McKinney Capital is a trusted partner to management teams in growing their businesses.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, McKinney Capital is a private, family-owned investment firm that invests exclusively in Field Services companies.

Through focus, value-added ownership, and a flexible time horizon, McKinney Capital and the McKinney family have developed an outstanding track record building Field Services businesses across multiple verticals employing over 1,000 team members. We seek to build upon this legacy by actively partnering with leading management teams to drive growth and pursue operational excellence.

Our legacy as a family business gives us a different perspective

We are a second generation family business ourselves so we understand the unique challenges and decisions that family-owned and/or operated businesses face. And, our legacy of building multiple field services businesses gives us the experience and perspective to help your business grow.


Our focus, flexibility, and experience make us an ideal partner

Focus and Flexibility allow us to create value for our partner companies; Experience ensures that we close transactions in a fair, transparent and expeditious manner.


Our Team is Here for You

We have walked in your shoes. The Partners of McKinney Capital have served as CEO, President, COO or CFO of 8 successful companies.


Experts in the business-growing business.

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